Creative Affiliates

Below, you will find the NEW, post-MMA Letter of Direction (LOD) Packet. Please note, all LOD submissions as of March 1, 2020, must be completed on the new forms included in this packet. Submissions on old forms will not be accepted.

An important part of SoundExchange’s mission is making the business side of the industry more efficient so that music creators have more time to focus on their craft. That is why, for many years now, we have honored letters of direction (LODs) from artists who wish to redirect a share of their royalties to producers, mixers, or engineers who were a part of the creative process that led to their sound recordings.

SoundExchange has worked diligently on behalf of recording artists and rights owners for more than a decade, seeking to maximize their share of the revenue. We have paid more than $7 billion in digital royalties to creators and their partners since 2003. Improving the LOD process is one more way we can make it easier for artists to focus on making music.

SoundExchange is pleased to introduce the Creative Affiliate Program as a vehicle to bring participants in the creative process of making sound recordings closer to the heart of our efforts on behalf of the music industry. This program will allow you to connect directly with SoundExchange, and in the coming months, have access to several benefits. To learn more about this program, please check out our Creative Affiliate Program FAQs.