Independent Music Community

SoundExchange: An Ally for the Independent Music Community

At SoundExchange, it doesn’t matter if you earn $10 or more than $50,000 each month. Large or small, superstar or rising star, every record label and each artist is treated with equal importance. We fight for the rights of all record labels and recording artists and constantly work to support, protect, and propel the music industry forward.

We Help Creators Do What They Do Best

SoundExchange helps independent labels and artists focus on what they do best—creating the music we love to listen to—while we focus on the rest. The statutory license we administer for more than 200,000 registered recording artists and rights holder accounts removes unnecessary “back-office” burdens and enables cost-sharing opportunities, including:

  • Royalty processing and covering rate settings
  • Royalty accounting
  • Enforcement, oversight, and audits

A Unified Voice

SoundExchange fights for royalty structures that recognize the vital role the creators of music play for digital services. We take full advantage of our presence in Washington, D.C., where we push for proper recognition of the value of U.S. sound recordings abroad—and overseas.

SoundExchange recognizes that performance royalty payments from digital radio are a vital source of income for independent labels and musicians—as such, we are constantly fighting to support and protect the value of music. This includes our ability to represent the entire recorded music industry with a unified voice.

An Independent Interest

SoundExchange is governed by a Board of Directors that is made up of subset of representatives from the recorded music industry—half from the record label side and half from the artist side. Several board members have a direct interest in the support and protection of independent labels, including:

  • Richard Burgess – A2IM
  • Darius Van Arman – Dead Oceans/Jagjaguwar Record Label/Secretly Canadian
  • Victor Zaraya – Razor & Tie