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SoundExchange Direct

SoundExchange Direct is a 24/7 online account management tool for recording artists and rights owners to navigate their digital performance royalties. SoundExchange Direct allows users to:

  • Manage multiple SoundExchange accounts and add guest users
  • Update account information including contact and payment or banking information
  • View payment history, statements archive and revenue data by top recordings and top services
  • Upload and manage repertoire data
  • Submit Letters of Direction

SoundExchange Licensee Direct

SoundExchange Licensee Direct is a 24/7 online account management tool created to help licensees calculate, certify, and submit digital performance royalties. SoundExchange Licensee Direct allows users to:

  • Submit Statements of Account, Reports of Use, and minimum fees
  • View payment submission history and upcoming deadlines
  • Update International Standard Recording Codes (ISRCs)